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Going Green 5


When we speak today of going green, we generally refer to something broader than global warming. We are usually referring to a heightened awareness of using the earth’s resources more efficiently. It includes efforts to conserve our natural resources, reduce our contributions to landfills, and reduce pollution generally. Going green then, can be summarized by the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” – which means reduce waste, reuse what you can, and recycle what you can’t.

In fashion, it is about re-introducing eco-conscious methods at the source through the use of environmentally friendly materials (natural fibers, organic cotton…) and socially responsible methods of production that create social change and empower communities.

In a nutshell: sustainable and ethical fashion is an approach towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing clothes which maximizes the benefits to the fashion industry and society at large, while at the same time minimizing its impact on the environment.

The Going Green Collection 5

We are going green for the fifth time in the Nigeria Fashion Week. As usual, this year, we will have a dedicated show for eco fashion tagged ‘The Going Green Collection’ by most of the brands championing the ethical and sustainable movement in the fashion industry. The Going Green Collection will be one of the 9 shows that will be presented at the NFW.

A Special Platform for Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Nigeria Fashion Week pioneered sustainable and ethical fashion in Africa when it presented the first going green collection in 2009. In partnership with the Federal Ministry of the Environment, we accomplished great success in bringing awareness to climate change issues through the presentation of The Going Green Collection

Trees for Lagos

One of the activities to mark the going green initiative of the Nigeria Fashion Week is the project tagged ‘Trees for Lagos’. This will happen after the going green fashion collection. Trees for Lagos is a ceremony that will have all dignitaries including our international guests plant a tree each in Lagos.