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About NFW


The Nigeria Fashion Week is the first fashion week in Nigeria. Since 2002, it has been showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of Nigerian fashion designers. It has also played host to international designers from around the world.

Africa's biggest fashion market

With well over 200 million people, Nigeria is not only the most populous nation in Africa, it has over the years become the largest market for fashion, lifestyle and luxury products. The Nigeria Fashion Week offers the opportunity of taking advantage of this huge market.

Nigerian Designers

The Nigeria Fashion Week has continuously provided the platform for Nigerian designers to rediscover themselves and make success of their creative talents. The NFW has been able to re-orient Nigerian designers to look inward for inspiration by using locally made fabrics and accessories in their production line.

The Africa Fashion Revolution

It is the Nigeria Fashion Week that was launched in 2002 in Lagos Nigeria that brought the revolution we are all experiencing today in the African fashion industry. The NFW gave Nigerian designers the first national platform to express their creative talent. We compelled participating designers to use only local fabrics and accessories in producing their collection. Over the years, this patriotic move spread like wide fire across Africa and the diaspora

International Designers and Brands

The Nigeria Fashion Week opens Africa's largest fashion market to international designers and luxury brands wishing to take advantage of the Nigerian dynamic market. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada participated in The Nigeria Fashion Week 2014.

Daily Fashion Shows

The Nigeria Fashion Week will present over 70 of Nigeria’s brightest and top designers in daily fashion shows spread through 3 days. It will also feature over 30 international designers. There will be 3 shows daily taking place by 12 noon, 3pm and 6pm. Each show will be presenting a group of designers. So in all, there will be 9 shows throughout the NFW.

Hair Show

There will be a hair show where Nigeria’s 10 top celebrity hair stylists will showcase their latest hair trends. Hair styling is part of the value chain of the fashion industry.

Makeup Show

Make-up artists are very important in the process of producing fashion, hair and beauty events. To this end, 10 celebrity make-up artists will be given the opportunity of showing their professional artistry in a makeup show at the Nigeria Fashion Week 2022.

Nigeria Fashion Entrepreneur Forum

Outside the fashion and runway shows, this is where all the serious business of fashion will be discussed. It is the avenue for interface between government, financial institutions, corporate organizations, fashion entrepreneurs and stakeholders to interact. Some of the issues that will be addressed at the Nigeria Fashion Entrepreneur Forum will include the effects of government policies on the fashion industry, accessing grants and loans from financial institutions and challenges faced by stakeholders in doing business. In attendance will be related top government ministries and parastatals, financial institutions and corporate organizations.

Trade Fair/Exhibition

All through the 3 days of the fashion week, there will be trade fair/exhibition. It will provide a unique opportunity for both local and international labels, garments and textile manufacturers, producers of foot wears, beauty, hair and fashion related products and accessories to display their outstanding capabilities. It will run from 9am – 9pm daily.


  1.  Fashion designers
  2. Textile manufacturers
  3. Garment manufacturers
  4. Producers of lingerie, wedding garments, cakes and accessories
  5. Producers of jewelries, wrist watches, bangles, shoes, bags, headgears, etc
  6. Make-up Artists
  7. Manufacturers of cosmetics, makeup, hair products, skincare products, lipsticks etc
  8. Pharmaceutical companies i.e. tooth paste producers etc.
  9. Car manufacturers or dealers
  10. Telephone manufacturers or dealers
  11. Telecommunication companies
  12. Buyers, retailers, wholesalers of fashion, hair and beauty products and accessories
  13. Fashion press and fashion photographers
  14. Leather producers etc.

Product Launch at NFW

The Nigeria Fashion Week serves as the perfect platform to launch new products i.e. fashion, beauty and hair products and accessories into the Nigerian market. It also serves as an avenue to re-launch existing related products.

Would you like to launch a new product or relaunch an existing one at the Nigeria Fashion Week 2022? If yes, please contact our exhibition manager.

Attendance/Vistors Demography

The last edition of the Nigeria Fashion Week welcomed over 15,000 visitors within the 3 days. These are inclusive of those who attended the 6 runway shows and others who visited the fair. NFW visitors fall in the age bracket of 16 – 55 years old with women making up to 75% of the number. Over 25,000 people are expected this year. Just as in previous years, visitors to the fair this year will have the rare privilege of placing order or making direct purchases from the various exhibitors at discounted rates. Prizes of all items will be available at reduced prices as compared to obtainable prices in the open market.